BC Bike Race

2015 Upgrades


Meal Plan - upgrade-food

Feast on local delights daily! We know how important good food and proper nutrition are during an epic race...and you will not be disappointed in the meals offered this week! We will be using caterers, bakeries, and other resources that are local to each stage of the race in order to showcase local fare and providing a wonderful variety of foods to tantalize your taste buds every stage of the way.  We cater to over 700 people each day and we try to create a menu that will satisfy most tastes. We provide tasty, well balanced, healthy meals with a meat and vegetarian protein option each day. While gluten intolerance people may not be able to eat everything they will always have choices on the buffet. View 2014 Menus

Meal Plans are not included in your race entry fee.

*The Meal Plan includes breakfast and dinner on Days 1-7. This does include our final banquet in Whistler on Day 7.

**There are three 1/2 hour seatings for each meal in order to accommodate all of our racers, as well as our travel logistics. Before making your purchase, please check our Race Week Schedule to help you select the meal times that will best suit you and your expected race times.

***In order to ensure that our racers are taken care of, we will not be opening the meal plan sales to support teams. Should we have spots available after June 1st, they will be made available to support teams at that time.

SHUTTLE PASS - coming soon

Are you thinking about upgrading to a hotel each night? If so, then a Shuttle Pass for the week might be a good option for you. The shuttles will transport you from basecamp to your hotels pre and post race for each stage.

We will have two 24 passenger busses running between various hotels and our base camps each day, please note that there may be designated hotel pick up times in the mornings or wait times for buses to fill in the afternoons, please allow for extra time for travel to and from hotels should you opt for the meal plans.


Solo Tent Upgrade - coming soon

Included in your race entry is a four person size tent, shared with one other racer. If you do not want to share a tent with another rider we have a limited amount of Solo Tent Upgrades available.

*Please note that due to space restrictions at some of our basecamps we have a very limited amount of solo tent upgrades to offer.

**If you and another Solo Competitor want to share a tent, please let racerrelations@bcbikerace.com know, teams are automatically paired together.

Day Seven Final Banquet Ticket - coming soon

For those racers not purchasing a Meal Plan for the week, or for family and friends joining you on Day 7, you can enjoy a gourmet meal and attend our Day Seven Banquet by purchasing this ticket.

*Banquet tickets are included in the Meal Plan, so if you have purchased a meal plan you do not need to purchase a banquet ticket separately.


If you are planning to head up to Whistler on the evening of Day 6 to stay overnight in a hotel, you can purchase this pass to take a bus up. The bus will leave after the last seating of dinner.

*Please note that the buses will leave after the last dinner seating in the evening, if you are planning to travel up to Whistler before then, you will need to arrange your own transportation.

Support Team Parking Pass - coming soon


If you have a Support Team travelling with you, they will need to have a Parking Pass to park near our Base Camps. Please note that you will only have enough space for your vehicle itself with this pass, meaning there won't be room for you to set up a tent beside your car. Additionally these parking spots do not offer RV hookups.

*For a list of nearby RV parks and camping areas during the race please email us at racerrelations@bcbikerace.com .

**Willingdon Beach (Powell River) is completely reserved and managed by BC Bike Race for days 2/3, you will need to register your RV with us in order to camp in this location.


Note that all prices above do not include the HST sales tax and transaction processing fees.