This plan is based on British Columbia’s (BC) current Provincial Health Orders (PHO). These are being monitored and will be updated with any changes as they happen.


Crew are the frontline workers in events; they are in contact with customers, suppliers, and each other regularly. This information provides guidelines in accordance with the BC Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines that we will be adhering to in addition to our general Health & Safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our crew and attendees, as we resume event operations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. These health measures are essential to the success of all event operations.

We require that anyone who is a part of the BC Bike Race to follow these general guiding principles:

  • Be Kind
  • Stay Calm
  • Be Safe
  • Complete the Pre-Race COVID-19 Health Assessment declaring if you have covid symptoms, have been in contact with a COVID person or a high-risk activity (e.g., travelled to another country within the last 14 days). Complete a daily COVID-19 Health Assessment each day before arriving at the event/start line.
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay 2m apart when not engaged in sport and 3m when on course
  • Follow “one way” arrows when there is a queue
  • Practice hand hygiene and avoid touching your face
  • Stay outside

Personal Protective Equipment & Physical Distancing

  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory at all times for all crew, volunteers, and support teams to in accordance with the BC CDC guidelines.
  • Participants will be required to follow social distancing measures and to wear masks with 2 or 3 layers anytime they are not on course which includes when they are at the start and finish lines, aid stations, stopping for assistance on course and any other common spaces.
  • All participants will be reminded regularly to maintain 2m physical distancing (3m on course), wear a mask, sanitize and wash hands.

Screening (Racers & Crew)

  • All participants, crew and volunteers will be asked to complete a COVID 19 Health Assessment at registration followed by the requirement to self-assess daily at the event.
  • Staff and participants who are required to self isolate will be excluded from the event and are required to follow all Provincial Health Orders.

Specific Event Modifications

  • Any mandatory pre-race meeting will be delivered online and can be viewed live or in a recorded version to be viewed prior to the event. All racers will have to have watched the meeting prior to the start of stage 1 race day.
  • The race has not historically been a spectator’s sport and will not add and seating or space for spectators and take steps to actively dissuade spectating.
  • We will only allow bringing in those necessary to successfully and safely execute the event. This will include participants, crew, volunteers, support personnel and vendors.

Start Line

  • The start line options are either a time trial format with a rolling start and assigned times or staggered starts of small groups with the number to be determined based on the PHO/Cycling BC guidelines.
  • Start line is outdoors and will be designed to mimic a ski hill chair lift model and/or a golf tee time model.
  • Start time positions and times will be pre-assigned and announced via email/online.
  • Racers will be asked  not to arrive at  the start area until 10 minutes prior to their race start time
  • Safety Ambassadors & markers will assist to help Racers with physical distancing.
  • Racers will be separated by 3m in the start area chute and must maintain that distance from others while on course.
  • Masks must be worn during the duration of staging until they are positioned to start.
  • Capacity at the start/finish area at any given time will be dependent on the most current PHO orders/Cycling BC Guidelines.

Aid Stations

  • A safety ambassador will be assigned to direct racers to put on their masks, remind them to follow all signage and directions.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and required when entering and exiting area.
  • Aid station items will be a selection of pre-packaged items or safely prepared portions. No self-serve options will be available.
  • Pathways will be marked to indicate one-way travel though the checkpoint.
  • Markings will be placed on the ground to indicate 2m distancing in the queue.
  • All Racers must adhere to social distancing rules.
  • Bottle filling station will be modified to ensure minimal contact.


  • Racers and Course team members are required to sanitize their hands prior to assistance and are required to wear a face covering while interacting & assisting.
  • Course team members are to maintain physical distancing requirements when possible while on and off mode of transportation.
  • Course team members will have the appropriate PPE supplies on hand – masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves.

Finish Line

  • Once the racers have crossed the finish line, they are required to wear masks and maintain 2m distancing.
  • Racers will be required to exit the venue when they have crossed the finish line.
  • Racers that need to access the limited finish line amenities must follow all directional routes and signage. Racers will be required to exit the venue immediately after.
  • No gathering will take place within the finish chutes or in the finish venue area.
  • Event crew will monitor the flow of the finish chute and finish venue.

Awards procedures

  • Podium steps will be placed to maintain 2m of distance.
  • Medals are to be handed out by crew wearing face masks, or medals will be placed on a table and Racers must collect their own medals.
  • The awards announcer will remain 2m from all athletes at all times during the awards ceremony.
  • Awards will be closed to spectators. Only medal recipients will be allowed to participate and will be asked to vacate as soon as they have received their medal.
  • All medal winners will be required to wear masks during the ceremony.