Covid 19 Safety Measures

This plan is based on British Columbia’s (BC) current Provincial Health Orders (PHO). These are being monitored and will be updated with any changes.


Crew are the frontline workers in events; they are in contact with customers, suppliers, and each other regularly. This information provides guidelines in accordance with the BC Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines that we will be adhering to in addition to our general Health & Safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our crew and attendees, as we resume event operations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. These health measures are essential to the success of all event operations.

We require that anyone who is a part of the BC Bike Race to follow these general guiding principles:

  • Be Kind
  • Stay Calm
  • Be Safe
  • Complete the Daily COVID-19 Self Assessment each morning before you arrive at the start line
  • Wear a mask indoors
  • Practice hand hygiene and avoid touching your face
  • Stay outside
  • If you must go inside: limit your time indoors & wear a mask

Personal Protective Equipment & Physical Distancing

  • Wear a mask when indoors in accordance with the BC CDC guidelines.
  • All participants will be reminded when indoors to wear a mask, sanitize and wash hands.

Screening (Racers & Crew)

  • All participants, crew and volunteers are asked to Complete the Daily COVID-19 Self Assessment each morning before you arrive at the race.
  • Participants and crew who are required to self isolate will be excluded from the event and are required to follow all Provincial Health Orders.

Specific Event Modifications

  • All racers are to be fully vaccinated to be able to participate in the race.
  • Any mandatory pre-race meetings will modified to adhere to the PHO guidelines.
  • Access to the event (start/finish zones) will be controlled and only those that have had their proof of vaccination confirmed will be allowed into the controlled areas.

Aid Stations

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and required when entering and exiting area.
  • Aid station items will be a selection of pre-packaged items or safely prepared portions.


  • Racers and Course team members are required to sanitize their hands prior to assistance.
  • Course team members will have the appropriate PPE supplies on hand.

Start & Finish Line

  • Event crew will monitor the start/finish area to follow PHO guidelines that must be maintained.