Silver Star


September 19, 2022

Silver Star

41KM - 1800 Elevation

The terrain at Silver Star Mountain Resort offers everything mountain bike racers could ever want in a stage race. Starting at an elevation much higher than the first two stages, riders will feel the mountain air chilling their bones and see the vistas open up quickly as the climbing begins at the start of this stage. 

The current start of this course connects 41km of trail with nearly 1800 m climbing and descending on dedicated mountain bike trails in steep terrain. A purpose built up and down XC epic along with enduro-style bike park downs on this stage promises to keep racers on high alert and smiling the entire race. All of our racers from front to back of the pack will be squeezing their quads to make the pedals turn over on the climbs and keep it between the hedges on fast descents. Rewards come with fast, bermed corners that will make the descents feel so much shorter!! 

*Proposed course subject to change & pending final approvals

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