Penticton & Naramata


September 22nd, 2022

Penticton & Naramata

47km - 1600 Elevation

Starting at Manitou, the idyllic Okanagan beach surrounded by clay banks, orchards, vineyards and wineries, the finale of BCBR 2022 will take riders from lakeside bliss to singletrack bliss and back again in a single stage.  

The last day of the best ever week on a bike will present riders with 47km on the clock and nearly 1600 m of climbing. We finish the day at a remote location with photo ops and views for days, and then a slow ride off the clock back through the vineyards and wineries to our final beer garden. This is the kind of special day that makes Naramata stick around in racer’s dreams for the rest of their lives.

The Three Blind Mice trail system will be accessed from a steep roll out from the beach. Once into the zone, a mixed play list of grassland, rocky outcrops and loamy forested singletracks amongst the ponderosa pines plays for seemingly endless kilometres. A long first climb is rewarded with amazing views and unique rock formations as you descend technical trail. All your week’s training will be needed to stay upright and on the move. A true XC course with lots of bumps in the profile will be pressing all your systems into overdrive as you finish off the week. The Mice delivers a fairy tale adventure of riding you won’t soon forget. Follow the Yellow Brick Road! 

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