Apex Mountain


September 21, 2022

Apex Mountain

30KM - 1250 Elevation

Building off the incredible feedback Course Designers received from riders at the front, middle and back of the pack in 2021, the Apex Mountain stage will show off high mountain rugged terrain requiring well thought out race kit on the day! 

At 30km and 1250 m of climbing and descending, much of which is in an alpine and sub-alpine setting, it feels a lot longer as every inch is earned while turning the pedals over on the rocky, loamy and supernatural BC interior alpine trails. 

The Aid Station on this year’s route was made instantly famous in its first appearance in a BC Bike Race stage in 2021; becoming well known for its isolated high mountain setting and well received racer sized portion miso soup and Canadian Whiskey! 

*Proposed course subject to change & pending final approvals

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