September 17th, 2022


37KM - 1100 Elevation

In Kelowna, the Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan (MTBCO) know that having a wide variety of trails will appeal to wide variety of racing styles. Their work done in the Gillard trail network, as well as the continued success of partnerships between the Friends of the South Slope and BC Parks at the Crawford network of trails give us a pretty solid palette to work with as we design the Kelowna stage of the 2022 BC Bike Race. 

Our course will land on about 37.5 km of this niche trail base incorporating about 1100 m of climbing. Rocks, loamy dark soils, and grasslands are blended into a semi-arid climate zone full of trails that ooze variety and challenge.  

As we work toward completion on this stage, we can expect to see awesome single track climbing, and of course gorgeous views ahead of a fast descending finish. The mix of forested trails, some wider areas where passing is possible, and open grassy sections will give riders of all types the opportunity to shine on this stage. 

*Proposed course subject to change & pending final approvals

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