The services available at the Start/Finish area are subject to what the current health and safety guidelines are and what we are allowed to do and provide.


Medical Team

Over the last few years, we have developed a one-of-a-kind medical program to effectively manage the challenges of an epic race in our Coastal Mountain terrain. Comprised of paramedics, nurses, and doctors, our highly trained and professional Medical Team members are ready to respond to any incidents on or off the course.


You’ll be putting in long days and demanding a lot from your bodies. We will have top-notch sports massage therapy, physiotherapy, and Chiropractor treatments available to pamper you.   We are able to offer you the highest standard of care, and utilize the most up-to-date techniques to treat injuries effectively. The qualified RMT’s, who understand your body can hurt for a variety of reasons, will develop the just the right treatment for you - it’s important to find the root cause and not just where the pain is. We also know that collaborating with you is key to your recovery-it strengthens your performance, helps you enjoy your experience and will keep you on your bike for the week for a strong finish in Whistler.

Visit our Wellness Page. 

Bike Tech

Obsession: Tech congratulates each of you for entering your 2019 BC Bike Race. Obsession: Bikes LTD has been servicing the riders of BCBR since its inception in 2007. Our mechanical team is drawn from around the globe. Each mechanic has multiple years of experience in servicing multi day stage races.

We understand the hours of training and the tireless commitment you’ve made to get to the start line. It is our mission to ensure that the bikes we service make it to the finish line. Each stage will put your bicycle through a world cup level race - and we are committed to get it race ready for the next day. By having us take care of your bike you can enjoy the experience that BCBR has created: First Nations ceremonies, the wellness services or simply a post race beer and the camaraderie.

We will be established at each day’s race start and finish to take on your mechanical needs and as a client you can have your bike preened for the next days start. We have partnered with the industries top parts providers to create what is considered to be the best stocked bike shop in the country, 100% available to you 24hrs a day.

Learn more about how Obsession can help during race week.


BC Bike Race is very pleased to offer a stretch and chill zone post-race daily for our racers. We will also be offering yoga sessions most days when possible, please check the racer schedule to confirm times.