The services available at the Start/Finish area are subject to what the current health and safety guidelines are and what we are allowed to do and provide.


Medical Team

Over the last few years, we have developed a one-of-a-kind medical program to effectively manage the challenges of an epic race in our Coastal Mountain terrain. Comprised of paramedics, nurses, and doctors, our highly trained and professional Medical Team members are ready to respond to any incidents on course.


Service for your bike

Obsession mechanics have been servicing the bikes of BCBR since the event’s inception in 2007. Each of their mechanics have multiple years of experience working in multi-day stage races. These mechanics are considered to be some of the best in the business.

Their Purpose is to aid in ensuring that your bike makes it to the finish line each day.

 It is strongly recommended that you source parts at your local bike shop (LBS) before arriving at BCBR in case we don’t have a part you may need. Please read the list below outlining suggested parts to bring. 

We offer many à la carte services along with one service package.

Optima Pro Package - This is our Pro level package: Rest easy knowing your bike is fully taken care of during race week. Obsession will build your bike during registration, wash, lube, and tune it daily (includes a full inspection, bolt & tire check, wheel & rotor true, gear & brake adjustments, suspension & dropper seatpost inspection).  Obsession finishes each service with a hard test ride ensuring that your bike is race ready for each morning’s adventure.  They also offer to store Optima Pro Package riders parts throughout race week. Any additional parts that are required and not provided by the rider will be charged retail pricing.