Racing September 16th - 22nd

Racing September 16th - 22nd, 2022

We are working with new communities to enhance the journey and take you though the Okanagan region from North to South. 

BCBR in 2021 made some real adjustments to our course designs as we have switched locations from the West Coast to our Southern Interior. Our design mantra has gone from high percentage singletrack to REALLY high percentage single track. We have removed the long roll outs from the timing in many cases, providing a good warm up that’s not on the clock. This shortens the overall length of the timed section of our parcours, which in turn increases the singletrack percentages. We still use a bit of double track to give passing opportunities.

“It was a great week out here in Penticton, BC Bike Race has been on the bucket list for a lot of years. Finally had a chance to do it, loved the competition, loved the new trails, the terrain, just being part of the BC Bike Race community is a lot of fun”!

Dan Hamhuis - Retired Professional Hockey Player, Olympic Gold Medalist