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Race North Vancouver – Sleep in Squamish

The BC Bike Race is happy to announce that North Vancouver, home of the infamous North Shore trails, will host the stage 6. The Legendary North Shore is back, with its regular ladder bridges, roots, and rocks but now with an all-new flavor “pump flow”.

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The legendary North Shore will be executed in a Time Trial format; Riders will be released in small timed intervals. Though short in length, the burly nature of the North Shore makes these kilometers technical.

A nice roll out along tree-lined Indian Arm Road will lead you onto the Baden Powell for some punchy climbing, onto the upper OLD BUCK and further onwards to the first descent of the day; Corkscrew to Pingu, after which the climbing carries on, double track to the power lines and beyond to Upper Dale’s flowing into Forever After and finally High School, the total on this descent is nearly 4km’s long.

From here you will wind your way upwards through some residential neighborhoods, an easy way to gain some elevation and rest your body. Once we plunge back into the forest the fun begins again – as you cross the first bridge the tech-gnar is on; Bridal Path across to the Academy Trail starts your second climb, R and T Connector, then Pussy Foot all taking you to the amazing climb of the all-new Good Sir Martin Trail. Revel in the beauty of the forest around you – this is how hand-made trails should be. When the climb flattens out, you turn right onto the new revamped John Deere trail (thanks Martin and Penny for all the amazing work) pump, flow and enjoy, this is heaven. Once you hit the bottom you will turn left onto the rough Bridal Path, then right down a fast and scary trail called the Empress Bypass – all the way home for another great celebration.

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BCBikeRace2018 – Day 6 (North Vancouver) on Trailforks.com

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This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk. BCBR endeavors to collect the most accurate GPS data for the profiles. However, there are many known discrepancies between today’s GPS units and their own data collection process, compared data may vary.

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Base Camp Highlights

In North Vancouver, the trail deposits you back at the finish line where you’ll find post-race refreshments, bike wash, bike transport, and showers.

After a bus ride, you’ll be in Squamish sitting under the shadow of the Stawamus Chief, which towers over 700 m (2,297 ft) above the waters of nearby Howe Sound.  It is often claimed to be the “second largest granite monolith in the world! There’s also a Community Centre with access to a pool and hot tub to ease those tired legs.

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Go to Day 7

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