Riding your mountain bike for seven days in a row over British Columbia’s most scenic and challenging terrain takes some training and at Stages, we know training!

Training with power is the best and most efficient ways to get stronger on your bike. So, seeing that you’re signed up for the BC Bike Race, we want to help you to have the best experience possible by making sure you’re fit for it.

We’re making an exclusive offer to BC Bike Race competitors of 20% off up to two Stages Cycling products. With this offer, you can purchase a power meter or a power meter and a Stages Dash Cycling computer to use as you train for this year’s event.

Along with this, we’re offering free access to Stages Link (our automated online coaching and analysis site) all BC Bike Race competitors through the event. This way, you’ll have access to the tools and an easy way to use them in order to ensure you have the most fun and achieve your personal best at this year’s BC Bike Race.

Good Luck!

The Stages Cycling Team

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Stages Cycling, LLC made power training accessible to more riders with the launch of the Stages Power meter in 2012. This unique power meter immediately made waves in the power measurement category and is in use by countless professionals from World Champion downhillers and Enduro World Series athletes to the Tour de France champions on Team Sky. Stages then expanded into the commercial and home fitness categories with the SC3 commercial indoor cycling bike, with groundbreaking features designed to improve rider experience and increase durability.  In 2016, Stages completed the outdoor power training ecosystem with Stages Dash, a performance GPS head unit, and Stages Link, a cloud-based training service, guiding athletes to their best performances on the road and indoors through easy analytics, education, and custom coaching. Stages Cycling has headquarters in Portland, OR and all Stages Power meters are assembled in Boulder, CO.  More information at stagescycling.com