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Race Cumberland – Sleep in Cumberland

Welcome to an amazing tour of the best singletrack riding in the Cumberland/Comox Valley Area!

You’ll start by heading through the center of the historic Village of Cumberland before hitting the trails for an unbelievable ride.  This is truly a rider’s course. The diverse trails range from high speed, compact, mature trails to higher elevation rocky outcrops, dark and lush valley floor trails, and refined singletrack.


1st Climb/Descent

Starting in the town of Cumberland the route heads quickly into the forest and onto a sustained gravel climb that will separate the riders (approx. 10km) with the last 1.5km on uphill singletrack. The Highlight reel opens up once you begin the descent here you will encounter some of Cumberland’s finest singletrack as you head back towards the town: Furtherburger, Blockhead, Bear Buns – a riders trail, across Sykes bridge a small climb takes you up to the feature trail – Vanilla, then Tea Pot, That Dam trail followed by Missing Link and Mama Bear. Once you pass through the base camp you will begin your second lobe located to the east of town.

2nd Climb/Descent

Starting through the Village park (base camp) you set out on the last 10km of the course known as the second ‘lobe’. This all-singletrack lobe begins with an area known as the ‘days of the week’.  Monday’s Child offers a plethora of sustained low lying iconic west coast cedar bridging before entering onto Friday’s and Thursday’s Child. Next is a brief climb up Cottonwood onto Rapture then descending down Two Shoes before doing some low angle climbing up Tunnel Canary and Crazy Ivan. Then it’s back onto the tight singletrack climb of Rapture before the final pay off of high-speed blue square descending down Top Hat and Iron Curtain.

Base Camp Highlights

Our finish line for Day Two will be right in front of Base Camp at Cumberland‘s Village Park.

Here you’ll find washrooms, showers and a playground for the kids. The park is just blocks away from the centre of the Village, where you’ll find a plethora of great restaurants and cafés. There’s also the historic Waverley Hotel, frequently visited by top bands and considered to be one of Western Canada’s best live music venues!


BC Bike Race 2019 – Day 2 (Cumberland 1.0) on[/et_pb_code][et_pb_text admin_label=”Trail Map Disclaimer” _builder_version=”3.0.106″ global_module=”7209″ saved_tabs=”all”]

This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk. BCBR endeavors to collect the most accurate GPS data for the profiles. However, there are many known discrepancies between today’s GPS units and their own data collection process, compared data may vary.


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