Volunteer at BCBR

Being involved with BCBR is a great experience. We have lots of awesome volunteer positions available for BC Bike Race, both full week and daily positions!

Ready to sign up? Still have questions, contact us.

Here are some of the positions we are looking for:

A) Base Camp Team Volunteers

The Base Camp Team will be a group of people who love challenges, make quick decisions, work hard in a variety of tasks and - most importantly - have fun doing it! The Base Camp crew will pitch in on all of tasks below as a team. Simply put, we will work hard and have fun! Our job is to make the racers’ offbike experience the best in the world!

Some of the many different Base Camp tasks and roles include:

Tent City Team – Recreate a home-away-from-home every day by helping to set up and tear down the tents for the racers and transport the tents to the next Base Camp. You will also help assign tents to racers as well as distribute and manage the blue foam sleeping pads.

Finish Line Food – You will be one of the first faces a racer encounters after the finish line. You have an important job of re-fueling the hungry racers when their race is over. You will need to help with setup, teardown and prep of your station.

Food Services (Catering) – Inspired by food and ensuring racers have full bellies? Here’s your chance to shine by ensuring that racers have access to the much needed nutrients and fluids during breakfast and dinner. Duties will include: setup, teardown, garbage, refilling water, greeting racers and punching meal passes for each sitting and helping maintain mealtimes.

Bears Den – This is the source of information for the racers during race week! They will come to ask questions, check results, go on the computers to use the internet, charge their devices and much more!

Baggage Transport & Check – Looking to get a good workout? This is a call to all organized people who thrive on the challenge of loading, unloading racers bags each day we move to a new location. We need to make sure that racers get their bags when they need them. Be prepared to load and unload lots of bags!

Bike Transport, Check & Security – This position is for people who thrive on the challenge of loading, unloading and keeping track of the racers’ bikes. We need to make sure that racers get their bikes to each new location and are secure each day in each location. Be prepared for early mornings!!

Retail – Got a knack for selling stuff? This would be a great spot for you! Help with selling our BCBR merchandise!

Shuttle Bus Host – Be the first point of contact for our Shuttle Bus participants! Meeting, greeting, informing them of shuttle information, helping load bags, etc.

Bike Wash – Because bikes need to get clean, too! This area requires the set-up, maintenance, and teardown of the bike wash stations after the riders have given their bikes a much earned clean at the end of the day.

HR Team – Want to get a taste of all areas? This position will give you variety as your duties will vary based on the daily needs around basecamp. Be prepared to do a bit of every position!

B) Medical Team Volunteers

Nurses – Each day we will have 2 Aid Stations set up on course and would like one Registered Nurse at each. RNs are invited to volunteer on a daily basis, or for part or the entire race. Nursing students are also welcome!

Paramedics – We will require 3 to 6 paramedics each day…whether you’re an EMR, PCP, or ACP…are all welcome. Due to the nature of this event, it would be a great benefit if you are fit and have a sense of adventure!

First Aiders – We are happy to hear from eager individuals with 80 hours of wilderness first aid, EMR or OFA Level 3 training.

General Qualifications for All Medical Team Volunteers – If you are interested in volunteering for the BC Bike Race Medical Team, you will require good quality, terrain-appropriate footwear (i.e. hiking boots) as we will be stationed in the Backcountry. Also, due to the Backcountry setting, and the multiday- long stage race concept, you should be able to lift a stretcher, consider yourself fit, love the outdoors, and love to sit in the outdoors all day (no matter what the weather!). Though not a requirement, it would be a great bonus if you have any or all of the following: radio communication skills, helicopter landing zone preparation experience, and wilderness stretcher carrying skill/experience.

C) On-Course Volunteers

Aid Station Volunteers - The two daily Aid Stations provide racers with much needed food, water and supplies. For each stage of the race, our team of volunteers will work to set up on-course Aid Stations. The Aid Station Team will also be responsible for rider counts (making sure we have everyone), communicating with First Aid and Base Camp, and cheering on the riders! Each day at Base Camp, we will evaluate supply levels and restock for the next day. You must be able to lift and carry heavy items.

Course Marshals - Only able to help out for the day? We have a number of Course Marshal positions available at each stop along the race. Let us know for which day and at which community you’re interested in volunteering and we’ll put you in touch with the Course Director for that area.

D) Team Volunteers

Team Fundraising Opportunity – Looking to fundraise for your team or organization? Contact us for further details on how you can do this!

Ready to sign up? Still have questions, contact us.

“So many great memories after four years racing and three years bike patrolling it is impossible to pick one story! I love the sense of accomplishment I feel being a small part of such a hard working, talented group of people. It is humbling to be invited back every year”

Reed Melton

Bike Patrol

“BC Bike Race it’s like summer camp for adults! It’s so much fun and so unique! I spend the year counting down until BCBR. There’s BCBR, and then there’s the other days of the year”

Katrina Danielak

Tent Team

“BCBR It’s an incredible way to challenge myself professionally, creatively, physically and mentally. It’s SO much fun - there’s always something going on and someone new to meet. It’s a way for me to share my home with people from all over the world.

That the majority of the staff are the same year to year, and even though they may not work or live together throughout the year, they come together for the BCBR and it’s like no time has passed and everyone is instantly best friends again.”

Erik Peterson

Media Team

“I come back every year because of the great crew and friends, the BC Bike race is an ultimate working vacation, and I love that I get  to support people in reaching goals, thrive on daily challenges and problem solving

It is a lifetime of experiences, packed into 7 days!”

Chris Blair

Moto Team