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Welcome to the BC Bike Race Zwift Program

Trainers often get dusted off come winter and people start thinking about keeping the fitness up but aren’t able to get outside as much.  We partnered with Zwift 3 years ago and have been offering BCBR rides, races & workouts on Zwift.

Why Zwift?

Zwift is a great way to stay fit!  Done in the convenience of your own home, on your own time and with a friends & riders from around the world.  Ride virtual roads, enjoy structured workouts or take part in social group rides. Put the fun in training with social group rides or tailored structured workouts. Train & Compete From Home.  Who doesn’t love to stay warm on those cold hard to get out the door days!

Immersive indoor gaming experiences produce real-life results that elevate fitness and make it easy to keep coming back for more.  Between volcanoes, jungles, cyberpunk-inspired cities, and more, Zwift is full of immersive worlds that turn every training session fun.

We’ll have some of our BCBR top racers out leading rides for us and they’ll be there to answer any of your questions about racing BCBR.

Zwift Schedule

Planned BCBR Zwift Ambassador Rides


Don’t miss the opportunity to get fit over the winter to be ready for the most Epic Mountain Bike Competition in North America.