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British Columbia Canada

It doesn’t get any better than BC.

The largest inventory of singletrack in the world

Recognized as one of the most important mountain bike regions in the world. British Columbia boasts the largest inventory of singletrack globally. This is where trail standards are created, and where dreams become reality.

Offering diverse terrain across the vast regions of BC, with breathtaking scenery, pristine wilderness, and welcoming towns, you can’t beat the authentic riding experiences that mountain biking in British Columbia delivers.

Handmade by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.

The BC Bike Race has operated both Race and Ride in 39 different communities across BC over our 16-year history. We have been exploring the vast regions of British Columbia putting our tires onto and into every opportunity to uncover all the hidden gems available. With the goal to always bring you the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience’, in every region we visit!

‘The Ultimate Singletrack Experience’
“The Best week of my life”
-Greg Heyes