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Race Sechelt to Langdale, Sleep Squamish

Day 6 will take you from Sechelt to Langdale- a 50 km day where the hoots and hollers will come from the last 7 km… all downhill thru swoopy, loamy singletrack.


From the start line, you will roll out a short distance before beginning your climb up a steep paved road – short, steep and over before you know it. This will spit you out to the first singletrack of the day, BLT where you will descend along some fun swoopy singletrack before crossing Chapman Creek. From here it’s up a few km’s of road, where you can stretch your legs to Honey Bee and Aid 1. Then you have a bit more climbing before hitting Eldorado and Rio Grande, this descent is an all time fun rip on some of the finest trails ever made.

From the bottom, we will make our way back up a series of climbs and descents towards Aid 2. Back to a logging road to catch your breath on your way to Hwy 102 where you will descend 7 plus km down to Sprockids park for more giggling. Across Langdale Creek and into the BC Ferries Terminal.

Base Camp Highlights

The trail deposits you at Langdale Ferry Terminal where you’ll find post-race refreshments, bike wash, bike transport, and showers.

After a ferry trip and a bus ride, you will arrive at the Squamish basecamp.


BC Bike Race 2019 – Day 6 (Sechelt – Langdale) on Trailforks.com[/et_pb_code][et_pb_text admin_label=”Trail Map Disclaimer” _builder_version=”3.0.106″ global_module=”7209″ saved_tabs=”all”]

This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk. BCBR endeavors to collect the most accurate GPS data for the profiles. However, there are many known discrepancies between today’s GPS units and their own data collection process, compared data may vary.


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