Shimano has been offering neutral service for many years, they populate and stock a complete Tech Zone that is located out on course and alongside the Feed Zone – “getting each and every racer through to the finish line is our daily goal.” said Shimano representative Ben Pye.


We will have an Aid Station set up each day to provide fuel and hydration for you along the way. And, if distance or weather conditions dictate, we may add more stations during a stage. The aid station will follow approved health and safety guidelines.

Drinks : Water, Nuun Electrolyte Drink, Red Bull Energy

Food: Fruit, Cookies, Chips, Protein treats, Clif bars, Clif shots bloks and Clif gels. (Items may vary)

Aid Station will also function as check points for Course Control purposes.

Note: We will not be able to stage personal food/water supplies for racers at the Aid Station. You must be self-sufficient when it comes to bringing specific personal nutritional supplies.


Course Marking at BCBR is achieved with a consistent style for all stages. There are many kinds of ribbon in the BC forests from years of logging and route finding by prospectors. In keeping with that heritage BCBR uses a 3 inch wide bright pink, BCBR branded ribbon. It is put up with enough regularity to make riders feel attached to the course without disturbing the natural beauty of our forests wherever possible. As riders approach turns ribbons become more densely placed. At the turn riders will see three ribbons dangling on the side of the trail or road that the turn must be made. Once a rider makes the turn a confirmation ribbon will be in a sightline. Never pass a trail junction or road junction without taking note of ribbons, and you will never get lost. Have fun!


Fully managed courses with a variety of Course personnel which include Bike Patrol & Moto among other resources to manage the day.

Bike patrol is our customer service wing on course. They pre-ride the course adjusting marking and managing any issues racers may encounter. They can prevent tricky on-course mechanicals from ending a racer’s day; or provide support to overcome difficulties, both physical and mental. They provide guidance and positive reinforcement for our riders and have communication with team if help is required.

Moto patrol is used to lead out start waves. A motorized vehicle up front of the wave absorbs risk to cyclists in our interface zones (between start and trails). Our Moto team bounces from place to place on the course sometimes using off-course trails and roads. Motos also are used to report on the race to our media team.


BCBR has developed a one-of-a-kind medical program to effectively manage the challenges of an epic race in our British Columbia terrain. Comprised of paramedics, nurses, and doctors, our highly trained and professional Medical Team members are ready to respond to any incidents on course.


We know it’s tough out there.  While we can’t help you on the climbs, but we can bring the good vibes to restore your spirit when a rough day is sapping your energy.  Look for our on-course animations – strategically placed to help you through the toughest grinds and give you boost when you need it most.  We want you to to finish and we want you to have fun.