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2020 BC Bike Race Virtual Challenge

July 2020

BC Bike Race Trailforks Challenge

BC Bike Race’s first 7 day trail Challenge is all about getting outside, setting a big goal and having a good time achieving that goal.

Earning this badge is a representation of a committed week of mountain biking whether for that alpine adventure, an amazing road trip or hitting that seasonal goal like the BC Bike Race. It’s only through big blocks of training and stage racing that the body can reach its full potential.

For the first week of July 4-10, ride 7 straight days, with each daily ride totalling 20km distance and 300m of vertical – this will unlock your official BC Bike Race Challenge Badge.

All you need is a Trailforks login

Ride 7 straight days, with each daily ride being at least 20km and 300m of vertical

You must have the Trailforks App downloaded and ride with Trailforks ON to log your activity, in order to collect badges and have a chance to win!

***This is not a timed event or race - just good ol fashioned fun!
Please ride within your own ability/comfort level.

BC Bike Race Zwift Challenge

Join Zwift and BC Bike Race with other riders from around the world for a 7-day Challenge - unlock the new virtual BC Bike Race jersey and have a blast getting extra fit!

BC Bike Race has been forced to cancel our 2020 event but we are finding new ways to bring our mountain biking community together. This Challenge is meant to motivate and inspire, to replicate what a week of riding can do to your fitness and build you into an athletic monster for the rest of the summer. See you soon!

July 4 - Stage 1 - Crit City - Fat tire (MTB) Crit - 7 laps - 9.1 miles / 390ft - Sign Up Here

July 5 - Stage 2 - Jungle Circuit - 3 laps - 18.2mi / 836ft - Sign Up Here

July 6 - Stage 3 - Road to Ruins - 18.7mi / 902ft – Sign Up Here

July 7 - Stage 4 - Jungle Circuit Reverse - 3 laps - 18.6 / 882ft - Sign Up Here 

July 8 - Stage 5 - Road to Sky - 10.8mi / 3428ft - Sign Up Here

July 9 - Stage 6 - Jungle Route - 3 laps - 18.2mi / 836ft - Sign Up Here

July 10 - Stage 7 - Road to Ruins Reverse - 18.3mi / 902ft - Sign Up Here


Not on Trailforks or Zwift, Join our Strava club and ride 7 straight days, with each daily ride totalling 20km distance and 300m of vertical and see your results show up on our leader board.  Name your rides VCDay1, VCDay2 etc to be included in the draw prizes.

May 2020


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March 2020

Congratulations to our winner, Kebble Sheaff.

BC Bike Race the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience’ and KazLaw Injury Lawyers gave away one entry to the 2020 BC Bike Race.
The Kazlaw Community Foundation provided this coveted spot at the 2020 BC Bike Race for someone who makes mountain biking happen in their community. Kebble Sheaff will enjoy an amazing seven days of sweet singletrack, scenic views, gourmet meals and camping under the stars.