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Race Powell River Sleep Powell River

Once again, we’re camping beside the Pacific Ocean!  After your race in Powell River, you can relax and enjoy the beach, the ocean & the fact that you don’t have to pick up and move until the morning. While the rest of the world has been building ever more challenging gravity-inspired trails, the Powell River course, inspired by locally grown and brewed Timewarp, will keep your tires on the ground while you flow through mossy old growth forests on a new generation network of XC trails.


The course leads you out of town on a mix of bike path, gravel road and paved road towards a series of amazing mossy singletrack trails. Once the climbing begins you will find the course shifting back and forth between century-old logging rail beds and new trails built by retired loggers, hikers and mountain bikers. You’ll be crossing countless salmon streams on hand-built wooden bridges including one crossing Blackwater Creek just below Kelly Falls.

Finally you approach the already famous arched Aloha Bridge built by the local Chain Gang especially for the BC Bike Race. Here you will first ride under and then circle around to ride across the bridge and continue up the golden Aloha Trail. Open it up along the mossy Green Road towards the highest elevation point on the course, the start the Death Rattle Trail. This custom built trail will allow you to fly, swooping and undulating down through a beautiful old growth forest. Cross the road quickly and then, too good to be true, more fast-flowing new school XC along the W8 Trail. Then full throttle along Cable Trail, an old rail bed, up and over uber tight twisty Toad Hollow, down into Frog Alley’s 400 meter cedar boardwalk and then still more ancient mossy rail bed until you reach a local challenge, the “Root Garden” a mostly flat but very gnarly set of roots alongside Haslam Lake, the community’s watershed. A small flat stint on gravel road will take you to Bob’s Your Uncle and the Cream Soda trails for some flowing fast and amazing trail, but this is leading to your final climb, cross the gravel road once more and head up 51 Dodge as you climb to the top of Myrtle Springs Trail.

Well worth the reward of a sweet descent and then one more popper climb towards the screaming fast Edgehill Rip inspired by Squamish’s Ring Creek Rip. From the bottom here you will merge onto urban streets briefly and back into purpose-built singletrack leading towards the finish line. Dropping down a sand chute onto the same industrial haul road that led you out, you’ll fly back down through that same tunnel under the highway, and then finally, open it up the other way along that amazing ocean-side Willingdon Beach Trail to the finish line right there at base camp, steps away from the “Marine Mile” full of restaurants and shops.

Base Camp Highlights

Once again, we’re camping beside the Pacific Ocean! You’ll come ripping out of the trails with the ocean breeze on your face as you roll into Base Camp and find your tent set up on the beach.

The downtown/Westview area of Powell River is just up the street, so make sure to grab a slice at the Rocky Mountain Pizza & Bakery!

Check out these tempting options to keep your moral supporters busy today! And for more travel/tourism information about this area, visit Tourism Powell River.

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BC Bike Race 2019 – Day 4 (Powell River) on

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This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk. BCBR endeavors to collect the most accurate GPS data for the profiles. However, there are many known discrepancies between today’s GPS units and their own data collection process, compared data may vary.


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