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SQUAMISH – JULY 12, 2019

Race Squamish, Sleep Squamish

This has been the racers favorite course for the last 6 years. It’s also the final big day to make your GC move, so if you’ve got ambition and jam in the legs this is a great day to ride your mountain bike.


From Brennan Park our basecamp you will ride through town and up into the Garibaldi Highlands leaving suburbia behind. From pavement to fire road it won’t be long till you hit your first singletrack Roller Coaster, cross Perth road then Lumberjacks.

Climbing up to Jacks trail, an upward trending traverse to 50 Shades of Green one of the newest climbing trails in Squamish – 8-10 minutes of elevation gain will have you descending Leave of Absence (LOA). This new trail is a masterpiece, then hammer up the Tracks from Hell. One more short climb up Rock N Roll to Rob’s corners and Aid 1, whew what a start.

Linking across to the middle section of Squamish takes a bit of a fire road and patience but it’s well worth the effort. Down Skookum and across the connector bridge called George’s Crossing it’s up to the now legendary ‘Pump Flow’ trail called Half Nelson, hang on as you hoot and holler your way down. Another short fire road traverse puts you at the top of Pseuda Tsuga 1, 2, and 3.

Up the road, across another bridge, Darwins Crossing and we are making our way to the top of the Powerhouse Plunge, this is where the rocks and roots get thick and furious. Turning right we head up to Hoods in the Woods, yet more epic fun that demands your attention, but delivers and rewards your efforts. From here you must climb one more short series of trails in the Crumpit woods as you make your way around the Smoke Bluffs and head for home.

Base Camp Highlights

Wake up in Squamish knowing that your race starts and ends here today and you don’t have to pack up any gear for tonight! You will finish Day Seven right where you started – Brennan Park! All the same amenities will be waiting for you when you get back, including the hot tub and pool.

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This is a permitted race course, not all trails can be ridden 365 days a year. Please respect Land Managers and Ride at Your Own Risk. BCBR endeavors to collect the most accurate GPS data for the profiles. However, there are many known discrepancies between today’s GPS units and their own data collection process, compared data may vary.


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