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Location: Penticton, South Okanagan
Trail Network: Three Blind Mice
Distance Total: 36km (24Km on the clock)
Vertical: 988 meters
Presented By: Pearl Izumi
Stage One Results
Photo Credit: Dave Silver

Up and Running!

It has been 26 months since the last edition of the BC Bike Race and the energy was palpable. The heralded return of the BC Bike Race began on a beautiful sunny day in the city of Penticton, South Okanagan. Riders from as far as Dubai, Florida, and the UK have converged on this new venue to see what is in store for them. Racers were chomping at the bit to get out and stretch their legs. What have the ingenious masterminds of BCBR laid out?  If day one is any indicator, this week will be a full-blown mountain bike extravaganza, something along the lines of, “The Ultimate Singletrack Experience.”  Go figure eh!!

They Found What They Came For.

With some heavy hitters taking the line and a nice aperitif of trails and venues on the menu, here are the results of Day 1. With five more days to go. This show-down promises to be a doozy from start to finish. And for those simply out for a ride there are plenty of rip-snorting good times ahead. Nobody will leave this year’s edition disappointed.

Open Womens Results
Laurie Arseneault                               – 1:35:24
Haley Smith                                         – 1:38:44
Katelyn Button                                    – 1:43:03

Open Mens Results
Andrew L’Esperance                           – 1:17:34
Felix Burke                                          – 1:19:50
Carter Nieuwesteeg                            – 1:20:07

Team of 2 Mixed Results
Emily Batty, Adam Morka                   – 1:48:47
Julie Pheonix, Rob Phoenix                 – 2:15:53
Kathy Beresford, Andy Smallman       – 2:25:53

40+ Women
Kimberley Quinlan                              – 1:55:20
Bryna Blanchard                                 – 1:56:47
Lyndsay Wrightson                             – 2:01:5

40+ Men
Eric Tourville                                       – 1:29:12
Graeme Martindale                            – 1:32:15
Paul Cobham                                       – 1:34:41

50+ Women
Grace Menning                                   – 1:57:03
Christine Soucy                                   – 2:01:21
Tamara Blythe                                     – 2:02:43

50+ Men
Paul Berry                                           – 1:37:38
Alan Kriss                                            – 1:40:19
Jay Menning                                        – 1:42:18

60+ Men
Joe Haegert                                         – 2:14:23
Robin Sydneysmith                             – 2:26:41
Michael Solnes                                    – 2:28:19

Team of 2 Open Mens
Jeremy Gackle, Mark Ashton             – 1:53:14
James Clift, Dave Johnson                  – 1:58:58
Doan Galarneau, Brett Marcoux        – 2:00:49

Team of 2 Veterans Team 80+
John Bula, Taylor Little                       – 1:49:26
Mark Jansen, Peter Tonkin                 – 1:55:56
Aaron Heffey, Phil Hess                      – 1:59:18