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Ever wondered what to do when you get off your bike? Eryn Price, our Director of Wellness, has put together a little stretch routine for your lower body, to do after your training rides or a race-week stage:


Stand with feet at hip distance apart and hang your torso over towards the ground until you feel a stretch up the backs of your legs. Hold 30 – 60 seconds.  *BONUS* – If you want to decompress your lower back at the same time, hold each of your elbows with your hands and hang your arms and head towards the ground, trying to release all tension in the spine, use deep breaths to help you release your back.

Hamstrings – What to do: Legs straight, knees relaxed.


Hamstrings – What not to do: Knees too bent.



Stand on one foot (hold on to something for balance if you need), bend your non-supporting knee and grasp your ankle in your hand, trying to keep the bent knee facing down towards the ground, pelvis tucked under (think: tail towards the ground). Hold each side 30 – 60 seconds

Quads – What to do: Pelvis tucked under, knee to the ground.


Quads – What not to do: Avoid hinging at hips.



Kneel on the ground with one foot flat in front, knee at 90 degrees. The other leg is behind you, knee and shin flat on the ground.  Push your pelvis forward by squeezing the glutes of your back leg.  Hold each side 30 – 60 seconds.

Hip flexors – What to do: Pelvis tucked under, front knee at 90 degrees.


Hip flexors – What not to do: Hips bent back, front knee too bent.



Lie flat on your back, arms akimbo on the floor. Raise one bent knee and cross it over your body towards the floor on the other side, making a twist in your lower back.  Just go as far as you can with keeping both your shoulders on the floor. Hold 30 – 60 seconds

Low back twist – What to do: Shoulders on ground


Low back twist – What not to do: Shoulders lifted off ground.



Still lying on your back, cross one ankle on top of the opposite knee so you create a “Figure 4” position, knee out to the side. Reach through the hole made by your legs and grasp the back of the thigh that the opposite ankle is resting on, pull towards your body until you feel a stretch in your glutes on the side that the knee is out to the side.  Hold 30 – 60 seconds

Glutes – What to do: Pull thigh to increase the stretch.


Glutes – What not to do: Torso rolling off the ground.


Stand with feet hip-width apart, clasp hands behind your back, palms together if you can and fingers intertwined.  Look up towards the sky and try to lift your hands up and away from your lower back.  This stretches your chest, front of shoulders, biceps, and front of the neck.

BONUS! Chest opener – What to do: Elevate chest.


BONUS! Chest Opener – What not to do: Collapsed chest.