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The Day 6 course in Campbell River was a stark contrast to the rest of 2024 race week. Fast and flowy were the flavours of the day. Racers sped along rolling, shaded, mossy trails. Techy climbs and descents were replaced with loamy ribbons of rust-coloured dirt winding through a thousand shades of green.

River City Cycle Club has been working in partnership with local government to improve the Snowden Demonstration Forest trails. Between last year’s BCBR and this year, countless trail building hours have been invested and the effort shows.

“Today’s stage in Campbell River was truly special, one of the very best in our 18 year history,” said Dean Payne, President of BC Bike Race. “These trails are much different than anything else you’ll see in British Columbia. We call Campbell River the ‘Green Room’.”


Although racers were starting to feel the effects of 5 straight days of racing , they were clearly stoked as they lined up in the start chute at PRT Growing Services Ltd. just outside Campbell River. Emcees Brett Tippie and John Crosby kept the energy high as they counted down for each of the 20 waves of racers.

Fraser Newton of Obsession Bikes entertained racers on the start line with a little bike pump air guitar as emcees Brett Tippie and John Crosby sent each wave of racers out on course.

Despite having the lowest elevation gain and technical riding of the week, Campbell River’s 44.6 km stage was surprisingly difficult. Essentially a series of giant rollers, the course required constant pedalling with high cadence foot speed.

Several cheering stations throughout the course kept racers motivated through the day.

Unsurprisingly, riders loved the course today. Spinning along flowy rolling trails nestled in a lush rainforest that stays cool while the temperature soars out in the open—what could be better on day 6 of a 7-day adventure?

Words by Carmel Ecker
Photos by Deniz Merdano, Jens Klett and Carmel Ecker

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Check out this POV of Kip Sevenoff, a young collegiate racer from the USA. He is here for his first BC Bike Race! It’s been a big week, it’s day 6, and he’s staying strong. He still has gas in the tank, strong legs and style. Check out the sweet trails and Kip’s line choices!!