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Allow me to introduce your 2018 Kazlaw Deserving Rider.  Her name is Bree Thorlakson, she is from Pemberton, and she kicks ass in all the right ways.  Some of the many capes that Bree wears include supermom to a spunky first grader, inspiring mountain bike coach, community volunteer, and possibly the long-lost missing member of Kiss.

Bree started riding bikes over twenty years ago and can measure her level of radness in the number of riders she has encouraged to enjoy mountain biking.  As a means of healing from a battle with postpartum depression, she started Pemberton’s weekly women’s only “Bike Club”.  The results speak for themselves with gangs of female riders from never-evers to seasoned vets showing up on Wednesday night to go for a ride and have a friendly beverage before returning to kids, partners, and real life.  It is no coincidence that Pemberton has the highest percentage of female Pinkbike users in the Sea to Sky or that PORCA’s membership is 41% female, that is Bree all the way.

Bree’s passion for community is not solely focused on getting women involved in mountain biking.  As vice president and a founding board member of the Pemberton Off Road Cycling Association, she serves as an effective advocate for youth and diversification of Pemberton’s trail network.  Somehow she has found time to serve as a director for Stewardship Pemberton, an organization whose “mandate is to connect community to nature” and “encourage the protection, restoration, and long-term sustainability of the natural environment.”  At home, Bree corrals a feisty first grader and encourages her husband to maintain one of the community’s favorite after work rides.

There are many riders deserving of the Kazlaw award, you will find it difficult to identify any who have impacted their community to the extent that Bree Thorlakson has.  In a pinch, you can also call on her to throw down some impressive lip synch moves while dressed up as a member of Kiss.  Who can top that?

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