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The coveted BC Bike Race Finisher shirt has been a staple of the event since its inception. A wonderful reminder of the accomplishment each finisher has achieved, the shirts are often worn threadbare.

What makes finishing all seven stages of the BC Bike Race special, in addition to the accomplishment of distance, cumulative elevation gain, and technical singletrack, are the personal journeys along the way. Each rider comes to the event with a unique story and an individual goal – watching them reach the finish line in Whistler on Day 7 is a highlight for the entire BC Bike Race team. The Finisher shirt becomes a souvenir – a trophy, of ‘the best week of their lives’.

As part of our ten year celebration we have dug into our archives to present the evolution of our finishers shirts and asked some of our past participants what it means to them to be a BC Bike Race Finisher.



Finishing the BC Bike Race last year was an amazing experience, I stepped way outside my comfort zone and in doing so changed my perception of what I am capable of. It’s definitely something I will never forget.

~ Alex Deibold, Olympic Snowboard Bronze Medal Winner (USA), BC Bike Race Finisher 2015



A lot goes into completing an event of this nature – sacrifice, commitment, support from family and friends, and blood sweat and some times tears. To finish and have your family and friends around you is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I reflect on those feelings often especially when I put on one of my Finisher‘s t-shirts.
~ Ron Faithful, 4X BC Bike Race Finisher



The first time I finished Bcbr, I was along side my team mate Kris Sneddon. I felt relief and elation. It was the first time either of us had ever attempted a multi day mountain bike race, and a team race, and somehow we were able to pull off a victory. It was a very challenging week, both physically and psychologically, but we came through it and ended up stronger all around because of it. In subsequent years, I’ve been all over the map, from disappointment at defeat to elation of doing another week of awesome mountain biking up in Canada, really, BC Bike Race has helped establish me as a mountain bike athlete, and has helped define what I aim to be as an athlete. Versatile, durable and ready for adventure.

~ Barry Wicks, 8X BC Bike Race Finisher 



That feeling of crossing the finish line after training incredibly hard for an entire year is one I will never forget. It was an empowering and surreal experience which I would do again in a heartbeat! It has made me truly believe that I can do anything I put my mind to.

~ Jenn Thiel, BC Bike Race Finisher 2015



In the nine years that I have raced BC Bike Race I have had many ups and downs physically and emotionally. I have raced in a Team and Solo, sometimes fit and sometimes not so fit, but each and every one of those weeks has left me more in love with singletrack – in fact dreaming for weeks afterwards of it. It is the shared experience of co-misery and extreme joy that comes only from a multi-day mountain biking event. Nothing else compares to finding out what makes you tick at the very core of your being and finishing, that elation of triumph that comes with also knowing the journey is over – it is the ultimate bitter sweet moment you must savour until the next big event.

~ Andreas Hestler, 8X Finisher 





If you have have worn your shirt threadbare and would like to replace it, we now have replacements available in our store!