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Races, fondos, tours — whatever! An event is a great way to explore a new place by bike. Spencer explains why his dream trip is the seven-day BC Bike Race.

After two unpredictable years, I feel like, in 2022, I can finally start to put bike events back on my calendar, register early, and look forward to some amazing challenges and adventures.

So the Question of the Week is: What’s your bucket list bike event? It could be a well-known race. It could be an under-the-radar ride or tour. It could be a full-on vintage experience like the Eroica in Italy. (Hmmm, maybe that’s the one I should have picked…) Drop me a comment at the end of this story and tell everyone a little about your bucket list event. You’ll have a chance to win a TPC x Lead Out handlebar bag!

Now, I know you’re eagerly waiting to hear what my bucket list event would be. Or maybe you just skipped right to the comments. Either way, I’m dreaming of someday entering the BC Bike Race (BCBR).

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