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Location: Apex Mountain

Trail Network: Trail Networks, Apex Mountain Ski Resort, Nickel Plate Nordic Area
Distance Total: 27km
Vertical: 998 meters
Presented By: FOX
Day 3, Stage 4 Results
Photo Credit: Dave Silver

After several perfect Okanagan days, the BC Bike Race route headed high into the alpine of Apex Mountain Ski Resort for a slight change of scenery. All week the weather had ominously forecast showers and cooler temperatures for today. While no rain did manifest during the body of the race, the temperature did fall a bit lower than normal, 8 degrees. All racers were gear-ready and stoked to tackle yet another distinct flavour of Okanagan singletrack.

There are races and racers. And then there are the groups who come out to challenge themselves and their buddies to have fun, experience something new and seek alternate adventures in new locations.  Within the BC Bike Race 2021 we have many groups, some of them a bit larger, more organized.  One of which is Team Bison, mostly from Victoria BC and parts nearby, who were given their name due to their physical size. The majority of their group is big, strong, rugby players, dads, and now mountain bikers donning cowboy hats, emblazoned jerseys, and a heck of a fun bunch of guys! They enjoyed the labours of each day and waited at each finish line for the last group member to finish.  They cheer for almost everybody and are the embodiment of the spirit of sports and racing – high five to Team Bison!

At the pointy end of the stick, ex cross-country, multiple time national mountain bike champion, Eric Tourville, is owning the yellow jersey in the men’s 40+ category. His life partner and wife, Christine Soucy, is battling hard to secure her own podium in the women’s 50+. Hailing from Quebec, these two have raced the BC Bike Race in other years and are back to discover what the South Okanagan has to offer.

Graeme Fitch, currently 3rd in the men’s 60+ category, has done every stage and every year since the beginning of the BC Bike Race (2007). That’s on average 7 stages per year for 14 years. By the end of this week, 98 stages plus a few prologues, or wow, just a ton of singletrack!  Who is this guy? And what makes him tick? Each and every day post-ride his amazing wife, Meridee, brings a bag full of hamburgers to the finish line and doles them out to those most deserving, or to those who look like they most need it! This tradition has earned Meridee many a friend over the years and I for one am happy to see this tradition carry on.

Between the teams and the traditions BC Bike Race is happy to be back on track in a brand-new location, the South Okanagan. With some very inspired courses, and of course the same good times on bikes as usual, the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience” is in full swing!

Stage Results (Day 3, Stage 4)

Open Womens

Laurie Arseneault                   – 1:54:09

Haley Smith                             – 2:00:03

Katelyn Button                        – 2:05:32

            Overall Open Womens Leader – Laurie Arseneault

Open Mens

Andrew L’Esperance               – 1:32:32

Felix Burke                              – 1:34:46

Geoff Kabush                          – 1:35:25

            Overall Open Mens Leader – Andrew L’Esperance

Team of 2 Mixed

Emily Batty, Adam Morka                   – 2:08:47

Julie Pheonix, Rob Phoenix                 – 2:40:15

Kathy Beresford, Andy Smallman       – 2:45:00

            Overall Team of 2 Mixed Leaders – Emily Batty, Adam Morka

Results 40+ Women

Kimberly Quinlan                                – 2:20:38

Bryna Blanchard                                 – 2:21:17

Lyndsay Wrightson                             – 2:22:49

            Overall 40+ Womens Leader – Kimberly Quinlan

Results 40+ Men

Eric Tourville                                       – 1:48:25

Graeme Martindale                            – 1:53:04

Paul Cobham                                       – 1:54:23

            Overall 40+ Mens Leader – Eric Tourville

Results 50+ Women

Grace Menning                                   – 2:27:27

Christine Soucy                                   – 2:27:44                     

Tamara Blythe                                    – 2:35:29                     

            Overall 50+ Womens Leader – Grace Menning 

Results 50+ Men

Alan Kriss                                            – 1:59:59

John Peachell                                      – 2:00:39

Jay Menning                                        – 2:03:06

            Overall 50+ Men Leader – Paul Berry

Results 60+ Men

Joe Haegert                                         – 2:50:56

Robin Sydneysmith                             – 2:52:53

Graeme Fitch                                      – 2:55:49

            Overall 60+ Men Leader – Joe Haegart 

Team of 2 Open Mens

Doan Galarneau, Brett Marcoux        – 2:17:46

James Clift, Dave Johnson                  – 2:18:26

Dietmar Pratz, Mark Ashton               – 2:23:30

            Overall Team of 2, Open Mens Leaders – James Clift, Dave Johnson 

Team of 2 Veterans 80+

John Bula, Taylor Little                       – 2:05:30

Aaron Heffey, Phil Hess                      – 2:20:42

Mark Jansen, Peter Tonkin                 – 2:20:50

            Overall Team of 2, 80+ Leaders – John Bula, Taylor Little