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11-Week Training Program

Here is the specific program:

Yes, it is structured for a professional, but all things are relative. We have had generalization so far and remember it’s the training for the training that we do, and some would even say the training should be harder than the racing. If you can make this commitment and stick to the principles, then you will be able to enjoy the BC Bike Race.

You should arrive at the event fit or very fit and rested, let the event bring you to another level. Don’t expect to be at your fastest at the beginning – and with this philosophy, you will blow yourself away by finishing fitter and stronger than you ever thought possible.

Enjoy and if you have any questions please send them my way. Many of the answers are in the weeks ahead and the cliff notes. So, read the whole thing, digest the ebb and flow, and then fire your questions at me.

A few tips:

  • Adjust the program to suit your perceived feeling of exhaustion.
  • Adjust the hours to your program but emphasize the ideas and the periodization of the mileage and intensities.
  • Cycle (rotate) different systems with a goal of overall aerobic capacity in mind. We don’t really need any anaerobic activity so don’t worry about that.
  • % of HR (heart rate) is based on your maximum; apply principles mentioned; feel your breathing before your legs burn and back away from the burn.
  • On hard weeks your legs will burn at the beginning, go easy to start. As you get fitter you will need longer to warm up.
  • Enjoy the long sunny rides (hopefully they will be on nice days) and tour the neighborhood. A lot of the mileage is about capillary (small blood vessel) development and accustoming your butt to the seat.
  • Learn to vary your speed – large and small easy and hard. Don’t ride medium all the time.

Structure and commitment don’t fear the unknown be brave and set yourself up for success.



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Andreas Hestler is an Olympian (1996), 5X Canadian National Champion, 3X Winner of the Trans Rockies, and also competed in road, CX, and Xterra. Andreas is also the Marketing Director for BCBike Race and has competed in the event every year since it began in 2007.