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We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Whistler Brewing. While the relationship between beer and mountain biking is, to put it simply, “a given” – this partnership while satisfying the thirsty BC Bike Race enthusiast will go above and beyond in its scope of bringing two amazing British Columbian companies together.

While BC Bike Race has become the definition of an amazing experience and a bucket list adventure for mountain bikers around the world, Whistler Brewing has defined the post ride celebration! Bringing these two amazing companies together will quench the daily thirst of mountain bikers at their finish line celebrations. Whether racing or simply out for a ride, every trailhead is the finish line for a high five and a relaxing beer.

Not just any beer will do either! Beer drinkers, similar to bikers, hold some pretty high standards when it comes to what bike they choose to sit on & what beer they choose to crush after a day on the saddle.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Whistler Brewing, they’re malt-forward-thinkers who don’t rely on computers to tell them how to brew beer. Instead they rely on experience and their own hands.

Along the way BCBR put their professional beer drinking team to the test sampling many fine brews from Whistler Brewing in the desire to create the perfect post-ride beer. What they arrived at is pure and simple; the Singletrack Citra Lager – this seasonal beer will find its way  into a unique can branded with art celebrating the mountain bike experience and that which mountain bikers seek the world over – singletrack.

 “At Whistler Brewing, our passion for the outdoor is undeniable and our new partnership with BC Bike Race is nothing short of a perfect pairing! As one of the original BC craft brewery, we’re trailblazers, modern day pioneers of BC craft beer. Our goal has always been to offer the perfect thirst quenching post ride beer and with our Singletrack Citra Lager – a BC Bike Race collaboration – we might just have achieved that! While many craft breweries have come and gone, we are still 100% BC owned and 100% BC brewed and we are proud to support local partners like BC Bike Race. With over $20,000 in donation to trail associations across the province over the last two years, Whistler Brewing is committed to helping BC remain on top of all mountain bikers bucket list.” — Mathieu Aubin, Marketing Director

A new Jersey reflecting the art design on the beer can will be displayed at liquor stores across Canada sharing and announcing the partnership between BC Bike Race and Whistler Brewing with one lucky person winning a Rocky Mountain Bike and the super cool jersey.