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The BC Bike Race continues to plan for the future through these uncertain times. While the world currently exists in a state of flux, some may say the bike industry has had it’s best year ever, events are struggling, to adapt, to adjust and get approvals for plans. While no one knows exactly what next year will look like, we’re letting you know that we’re up to the task and ready for the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.

“The show must go on”

What are events? They are the coming together of human beings to share passions, attain goals and to celebrate life. They are important markers within each person’s life for they are achievements and experiences that cap the regularity of our everyday existence. For communities they become identities. They drive the economy while sharing the stories of the characters that live, work and recreate in that region – they are feathers in a cap. For athletes, both pro and recreational, events are goals, monuments in life and careers that allow for exceptional physical and mental strengths to be found or displayed. They are where the modern human spirit can thrive, grow and excel.

BC Bike Race is an events company built on a passion for mountain biking, road trips, adventures, travel and singletrack, and we love what we do. Bringing together mountain bikers from all around the world to share in a weeklong experience, hosted right here on the west coast of Canada.

“We have plans on plans within plans and overarching plans to go with those plans“

While we will continue to do what we do – host events – they may look a little different, and at this moment we don’t really know how different. We have plans on plans within plans and overarching plans to go with those plans as we work towards 2021 and beyond. What we do know emphatically is that even with all the changes and unknowns the “show must go on”. Safety is our primary concern as we navigate these changes to execute a safe passage forward and we will have a successful plan in cooperation with the health authorities, the clubs and the communities. However you slice it, seven (7) days of sweet singletrack is still seven amazing days with friends, new and old and not at work.

THE SHOWCASE a five(5) part mini-series, airing Nov 23-27 will offer up a preview of the 2021 route. This mini-series will share the experience and stories of six(6) athletes: Felix Burke, Katerina Nash, Florence Dostie-Menard, Sandra Walters, Karsten Madsen and Geoff Kabush and include a number of other amazing community personalities. The Showcase is aimed to capture the bizarre and strange experience that 2020 delivered, to a lost season and then right back to the indomitable spirit of communities and athletes as they come together to look to the future, to focus on the positive and reflect back on where we have come from to where we are going.

RIGHT NOW: If you’re ready for your next adventure, giddy up for registration and we’ll see you on the start line at the new and exciting (version 3.0) of the BC Bike Race the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.