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It’s safe to say that most of us can get through one, long, difficult ride on a given day to test our endurance, with the proper amount of snacks and determination. Many of us have tested our endurance whether it’s a 15-mile ride at elevation or a 25-mile XC race. At the end of the day, you can pound a few beers, dig into that giant bowl of chicken fettuccine, and sleep in the next day.

This year, Katerina Nash, who races for the Clif Bar Pro Team, won the women’s category of the seven-day BC Bike Race by more than half an hour. Nash has been racing professionally for over two decades, and at 42-years-young, is still one of the top racers to beat on the trail. She carries a hefty cross-country race schedule over the summer, followed by cyclocross in the fall. We caught up with the five-time Olympian to pick her brain about stage racing.

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