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I grew up in Vancouver, and ever since the very first BC Bike Race, it was on my bucket list. 

I used to race BMXs, moto-cross, track, and of course mountain bikes, but then life happened. I got married, I had kids. It all meant a bit of a hiatus from my two-wheeled racing. 

As the kids got older, I found more time and started to make my return to the bike, racing a few single-day mountain bike races in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. 

That’s when it hit me: It’s time to stop putting it off… It’s time to check off the bucket list and race BCBR!

I’d be turning 50 that year, so I figured it was finally time. No more procrastinating – as soon as registration opened, I was going to sign up!

Life threw a curveball at me not long before registration opened up. Actually, curveball might be an understatement…

It was July – a year away from the event – and I had just been involved in a serious accident. While out for a bike ride, I had been struck by a motorbike, leaving me with broken ribs – every single one of them – a fractured arm, a punctured lung, and various other injuries. 

Despite racing bikes being the last thing on my mind as I was in the hospital days after the accident, my wife reminded me that registration was opening up soon. 

Urged by her, the day it opened up, I registered from my hospital bed.

BCBR became a beacon of hope during my recovery. For over 3 months, I could do almost nothing, and I wallowed in a bit of despair. 

I wanted to start making progress. I wanted to start getting back to being active. I wanted to start training for BC Bike Race. 

By January, just 6 months before the race, I could finally get on a stationary bike and lightly spin. 

Even if my training didn’t look like I wanted it to, I could finally start doing something. With BC Bike Race in my mind, I kept doing my rehab, eventually progressing back onto the bike for real rides again. 

When July rolled around and I hit the start line, it felt surreal. I could hardly believe I was there, after everything that happened, hitting that line ready to race. 

I’m finally racing BCBR! 

Day 1 was intense. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I was fast enough to finish in a spot that put me in the first start wave the next day. 

The riding was epically fast, and to my surprise, I found myself sitting 2nd in my age category after the kick-off. 

The race was on! 

The cool thing about BCBR is that no matter where you’re sitting in the standings – even if you’re not duking it out near the front – there’s always a race within the race. 

You quickly end up riding with the same handful of people each day – similar speeds and similar skill levels naturally group people on the trails. 

There’s always someone behind you to push you forward, and someone ahead to chase. 

When the dust settled, I’d surprised myself. Not only had I finished BC Bike Race, but I did a lot more than just survive to cross the finish line – I raced it! 

It’s hard to pick out a highlight looking back. Every single day was an amazing, fun, adrenaline-thumping ride. I was blown away by the quality of the singletrack every day… the riding truly was all time! 

With some time to reflect, I definitely realized that there’s a certain degree of sacrifice it takes to tackle BCBR. It’s not just 7 days away from your usual life commitments – although that’s part of it – but it’s also the time it takes to train and prepare. 

That might seem like a reason to put it off, but I realize now that it’s actually a reason to commit and make it happen. It’s worth doing sooner rather than later. 

The time you invest in the event is like an investment in yourself. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s energizing to be a part of BC Bike Race.

But for me, it’s also something a lot simpler: having BCBR in my calendar makes me a better person. 

Looking forward to it keeps me motivated to train and ride more than I would without the event looming, and I find myself happier the more training and exercise I fit into my life. 

Maybe that’s the magic of BCBR. If you’re focused on it, you have to ride your bike

If you like riding your bike, you’ll love BCBR.

If you sign up for BCBR, you’ll ride your bike more. 

If you ride your bike more, you’ll be happier for it. 

Or maybe if you’d like it put an even simpler way, I’ll try this: BC Bike Race = more mountain bike time = more happiness. 

It probably sounds like I’m getting paid to say this, but I promise I’m not: I don’t think there’s another 7 day mountain bike stage race out there that can match BCBR. 

If you’re considering entering, don’t procrastinate anymore. Just make the plunge, sign up, and I promise you won’t regret it. 

Everybody will find a different flavour of fulfillment at BCBR. For me, the first time was all about a comeback from injury, but I wasn’t just one-and-done.

Since COVID, I’ve missed that competitive spark, and I knew BCBR would light it back up, so I’ve registered to make my return. 

In 2024, I’m fuelling my need for a little competition with BC Bike Race, and I can’t wait. 

Plus, like I said… BCBR = more bike time = more happiness. 

See you at the start line!