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Switching Tracks

It feels like a lifetime ago when I first stumbled upon an image of BC Bike Race while flipping through a magazine. 

Back then, as a nordic ski racer in Bend, mountain biking seemed as foreign as the lush, green, forested trails in the image of racers, perched on bikes, riding over west-coast wood bridges. 

I was intrigued, despite thinking “That looks cool, but I’m not a mountain biker. Not for me…” 

Later, living in Park City, I was surrounded by outdoor enthusiasts, and it wasn’t long before my roommate convinced me to join him on the mountain bike trails. 

Initially, it was just a crosstraining effort to stay fit for winter skiing, but the thrill of riding through the trails – that rush of adrenaline when faced with new challenges – was exhilarating.

Slowly, I found myself transitioning from skis to bikes – from snow tracks to dirt trails – and loving every minute of it! 

As time went on, I could feel my excitement for nordic ski racing dwindling. I was burning out, feeling the weight of a sport that was no longer bringing me joy. Mountain biking swept in to fill the void. The more I rode, the more I realized my heart was on the trails. 

I was turning into a mountain bike racer! 

Nearly a decade later, after countless interactions with Moniera from BCBR who touted the race’s transformative experience, I found myself planning my journey to British Columbia for the 2023 edition of the event. 

The promise of epic trails and the vibrant mountain bike community was irresistible.

BC Bike Race wasn’t just a race, it was a revelation! 

Just five days prior, I had completed the grueling Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder, arriving at the BCBR prologue with legs still heavy from the effort. 

The transition from long, sustained gravel grinding to the explosively short BCBR prologue was jarring, yet thrilling. 

As I settled into another week of racing, each stage brought a new set of challenges and a chance to chase down legends like Katerina Nash. 

While the riding was world-class, what I cherished most about BCBR was the blend of competition with sheer enjoyment. The trails were a mountain biker’s dream – each route crafted not just for racing, but for pure fun.

Nearly every single route that was raced was the kind of ride I’d happily do on my own – a rarity when it comes to many race courses I’ve done. 


The ethos of fun was palpable, not just during each stage, but in the evening awards too. Hosted by the charismatic Brett Tippie, what is usually an afterthought at many races could very well be the main event! 

After my first experience with BCBR last year, I can safely say it stands unmatched. 

Where other mountain bike stage races go long and hard, BCBR stands as a beacon of fun. Real fun mountain bike trails for real mountain bike riders.

Good trails. Good people. Good times. 

It’s not just another race on the calendar, it’s where the essence of mountain biking comes alive. 

With a unique blend of challenging trails, friendly community, and pure fun, it’s no wonder it was the highlight of my season. 

That’s why I’m returning in 2024: to relive the adventure, the camaraderie, and the unrivaled mountain biking joy that BCBR offers.

See you at the start line!