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Fox Suspension & The Trip


We’re thrilled to announce FOX Suspension will be the sponsor of our timed downhill sections in 2024.

We set off to check out some of the proposed trails we have in mind for the race, and to give you a glimpse of what it’s going to look like during the event.

The feedback from Racers and Alumni about the announcement has been nothing but positive. Everybody is excited about the return of these segments, and it gives the people who are fast descenders a time to shine.

On this trip we were able to visit Nanaimo, Cowichan Valley, Cumberland and Campbell River.

Without further ado, below are the trails we rode . All of them are subject to change.

Speed or style, your choice


We met up with Christine from FOR Bikes, one of the core shops in town. She knows the area well and was the perfect guide for the afternoon. The plan was to ride Blitzkreek, a flowy, but still slightly raw downhill trail on South Benson, which our course team identified as a great option for the Fox Timed Downhill.

And what a way to start our trip.

Christine from FOR Bikes

Blitzkreek on

Into the forest on Blitzcreek

Handcrafted Signage with Love

Some tight and unexpected loose corners

Christine floating

Cowichan Valley

Who better to ride with in the Cowichan Valley than Coach Adam Walker. This zone is his backyard, coaching terrain and training ground. Our ambitious plan was to hit both key mountains, Mount Tzouhalem and Maple Mountain.

The trails we wanted to ride, and the ones likely to be timed during the event are Upper Maple Syrup, Phloem and Bumblebee. With Upper Maple Syrup also being one of the spicier trails of the entire week. Let’s go.

Coach Adam Walker leans into the corner

Upper Maple Syrup on

A buttery rock roll

On the way to the chute

Adam Dropping into Phloem

Phloem on

Good times train

Dropping into the Rollercoaster

One of many high-speed right handers

Bumblebee on


With the snowline still being very low we weren’t able to head up to Blueprint and Upper Vanilla, which are very likely options to be timed in the race on one of the Cumberland days. However, Nikkei Mountain was free of snow. Always a highlight, and the top of Upper Rhizome, another great candidate for a timed segment.

Gaining momentum

When You see the sign it’s on

Upper Rhizome Views

Upper Rhizome on

Perfect flow grade

Campbell River

Getting into the forest in Campbell River is always a highlight, no matter what the weather is like. It was the racers favourite in 2023 for various reasons. The vegetation and forest are surreal and the riding experience is very unique. Welcome to coastal British Columbia.

The terrain is also very different. The trail network is more spread out and consists of more lower grade riding. Our course team identified Rotary Rock and Roll as the best timed trail section. Enjoy the Green Room.

The Famous Rotary Rock & Roll


Rotary Rock and Roll on

Fast Smooth Corners

Insanely Beautiful

River City Cycling Club’s Hard Work

I am super excited for the timed DH sections at the BC Bike Race. It means I'll have a stage I know I can push really hard on each day and try to get a good results. It will help make up for all the suffering the rest of the day!

Tracy Moseley3x World Enduro Champion, 1x World Downhill Champion, 7x British National Champion

Words: Jens Klett, Karen Stark

Photos: Jens Klett