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Make Your Connections. Train Simply. Learn as You Go.

Technology can be challenging. There’s always a learning curve. As with anything, achievement takes effort and Stages Link can be a gateway to training with power. And training with power is undeniably the clearest path to getting stronger, going longer and riding faster on your bike.

Stages Link is a Hub for Your Training Tools and Cycling Data

First and foremost, Stages Link can be the hub of management for your training tools and cycling data. Once your account is set up, you should think for a minute of how you want to use Link. Some common paths are:

Managing Your Stages Devices

Stages Dash:
Changing, adding/changing activity profiles: on Dash / in Link
changing/set up Dash screens
pairing sensors
data upload: wireless App for Stages Dash/ wireless for Garmin
data upload: desktop

Stages Power:
Managing a power meter in Stages Link

Pushing Data from Stages Dash or Garmin to Training Peaks or Strava

Making connections in Stages Link:
Training Peaks

Analyzing Ride Data or Workouts

Ride Summaries – easy to use ride graphs, maps and metric summaries.

Ride Graphs

Workout Compliance Scores- when you ride a workout on Stages Dash and upload to Link, you’ll get a score on how well you performed.

Planning Weekly Training, Rides, and Workouts

Stages Link Workout Data Base pre-built workouts that you can drag and drop to your calendar.

Stages Pro Workouts, by searching ‘Stages Pro’ you will have access to actual workouts used by Stages Pro athletes in their quest for glory.

Stages Route builder


We have an excellent database of support topics that’s linked right to our Stages Link support team should you have trouble finding an answer on your own. This document sets out to present the help available there in a clear way to some of the common lines of questioning we get. The complete support database can be found here: