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First-ever Mega Volt lands on Vancouver Island

Is it a race? Is it a ride? Is it a good time? Yes.

As electric mountain bikes grow more and more commonplace on trails across Canada, eMTB riders are looking for ways to gather together. While most events focus on traditional race formats, BC Bike Race decided to try shock the ebike community into collecting around an entirely new format. The result, the first ever Mega Volt, took place in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley from Oct. 22-24.

2022 Mega Volt: New idea, classic trails

BCBR are veteran race organizers with over a decade of experience putting together races and rides across B.C. Watching the new bikes emerge, and riding them themselves, the organizers had an idea that the electrically charged wheels opened the door to something new, a race with a uniquely electric feel.

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Check out the Mega Volt