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Timed Downhills at BC Bike Race

We’re thrilled to announce the return of timed downhill sections for the 2024 race! After a hiatus of a few years, largely due to COVID and the logistical challenges, we are excited to reintroduce this element to the BC Bike Race.

In 2016, we introduced timed downhill sections, and the response from riders was overwhelmingly positive. Over the years, we’ve experimented with various formats. Some stages featured one, multiple, or even no timed sections, allowing us to keep the race experience consistently dynamic and engaging.

In 2024, we are bringing back timed downhill sections. You will be on the clock the entire time, but you will also get a chance to prove yourself on some separately timed downhills; and everybody loves a fun downhill, no matter where you are in the field.

This is where you get a chance to shine if downhill is your strong suit.  The climbs can be long, they can be steep and challenging but the descents are always rewarding.

Let it rip, but please don’t forget the rules on the trail; “on your left” will be your best friend.

Pinkbike’s Mike Kazimer airing it out in Nanaimo on Day 4, 2023

What are Timed Downhills?

Time Downhills are the core of Enduro racing. Enduro racing has quickly become one of the most popular disciplines in mountain biking. With its inception in early 2010, the Enduro format represents a form of riding most mountain bikers were already doing.

Enduro races consist of multiple timed downhill stages. The uphills aren’t on the clock. Riders only need to make it to the start of the downhill within a predefined time.

Brett Tippie cheering riders on

How It Works

To add some excitement and give riders a motivation boost we are incorporating a timed downhill section into each race day, excluding the Prologue.

At some point on the course, you’ll encounter a start sign and timing mat, indicating the beginning of the timed section. From that point onward, it’s go time. You’ll then hit a clearly indicated  finish sign and mat and receive a separate time for the descent.

To maintain an element of surprise and a level playing field, these timed downhill sections won’t be announced beforehand.The timed downhills are entirely optional. Feel free to push yourself, or if your energy is running low just maintain your current pace.

At the end of each day, back at Basecamp,  we will provide the times so you can compare yours to your buddies or against some of the top racers.

Top and bottom of timed sections will be clearly marked.

What Do The Pros Say

I think the downtime/enduro segments in BCBR for 2024 will bring back an element of the race that was missing in the past. During my BCBR week every descent was a downtime descent whether it was timed or not! So to now have some friendly competition and maybe some bragging rights for those that don't like to go to their absolute limit on the climbs will make BCBR an even better week for all types of riders!

Remi GauvinRocky Mountain Bicycles & Raceface Enduro Team Racer

Remi Gauvin, coming in hot in 2023
Photo: Dave Silver

Tracy Moseley, 2024 First time BCBR Racer and Ex Downhill & Enduro World Champion

Tim Johnson going hard in 2018

I am super excited for the timed DH sections at the BC Bike Race. It means I'll have a stage I know I can push really hard on each day and try to get a good results. It will help make up for all the suffering the rest of the day!

Tracy Moseley3x World Enduro Champion, 1x World Downhill Champion, 7x British National Champion


It’s not all about the medal hanging around your neck; it’s about the entire experience and the thrill throughout the journey. Therefore we decided to award the fastest descenders of each category at the end of the week.

This is your moment, enjoy it!  And like we said, don’t hesitate to brag along the way.

Top descenders of all categories will be awarded at the end of the week
Photo: Dave Silver

Red Bull Sponsor, supported our Timed Downhill Sections

The BC Bike Race team will find the best section possible to host our timed downhills for you – don’t worry, it’s in our blood.

Marty Lazarski, former XC racer, on the gas in 2023.