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For youth who’ve been dreaming of doing the BC Bike Race, we’ve got some great news.

We’re opening up registration to teens, and offering discounts for university students and U23 racers.

As BCBR turns 18 this year, we are making space on our 2024 start line for riders aged 16-18. This change comes with the reality that the average age of mountain bikers is younger than it was during our first event in 2007, when it was decided that riders needed to be 19+ to participate.

Back then, mountain biking was largely the domain of 20- and 30-somethings. There weren’t nearly the number of groms we see on the trails now.

In previous years, we’ve held fun kids’ races at basecamp for young rippers. Those kids are now in their teens and early 20s and some have gotten into racing.

“We recognize that the youth riders are strong, skilled and ready to race,” says Andreas Hestler, former pro racer and co-founder of BC Bike Race. “We want to create a new opportunity for them.”

We’ve had requests in the past few years to offer a youth category and we are excited to now offer a limited number of spaces to the next generation of riders.

Brett Tippie announcing at the BC Bike Race kids race

Brett Tippie working the kids up before their race heat in the kids’ fun race in 2014. With more skills and fitness now, some of them have committed to racing.
Photo: Dave Silver

kids racing on mountain bikes

Though it was a fun race, some of the kids put on their game face for it.
Photo: Dave Silver

young bike racer dressed up like Ironman

Costumes were a big part of the kids’ fun races.
Photo: Dave Silver

This is also an opportunity for already registered parents to bring their teen along to share the week-long race experience. Parents who’ve brought their young adult children in past years have found the experience extremely rewarding.

“Anyone who has a chance to complete an event like yours with their kid will have memories to last a lifetime,” says Jeff Allen, who raced in 2023 with his son. “Years down the road, we can look back, reflect and smile.”

For Kelly Muldrow, the experience was as much about preparing together as it was about doing the race: “Signing up for BCBR with Abe sparked a full year’s worth of connection with Abe, and being able to share the race experience with him was the cherry on top.”

Youth Racers will be able to ride the course on their own, but must have a guardian present for the whole event. The guardian does not have to race.

Cost for the new U19 category is $1,599 and registration is now open on CCN.

In addition to the new youth category, we are offering a 40% discount for U23 Racers and full time post-secondary students.

“We recognize that young racers and students have tight budgets,” says BC Bike Race President Dean Payne. “This discount is our way of saying we want to see you at the start line.”

To receive your U23 or student discount code, email our Racer Relations Team, John and Moniera, at [email protected].

mountain bike racers celebrating at the finish line